Aishah Ansari

Impossibly Possible

August 6, 2009

Although it's something hundreds and thousands of teens go through, I feel alone.
It's something uncontrollable and something that can be unbearable.
I am constantly drained of energy.
I care less and less of things I once cared most about.
People just don't seem to understand, no matter how hard they try.
Everyone can make me angry in the simplest ways
Nor does it take much to irritate me.
I'll be surrounded by many people yet feel alone.
I have family and friends by my side yet no one at all.
I am not myself.
I don't know who I am and at times I don't wish to discover.
I want to be unique and genuine yet normal, like everyone else.
Is it possible? What if I can make it possible? Where do I start?

A. Ansari
August 6, 2009
xo Aishah Ansari

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  1. Great poem. Common usage of "alone in room full of people" that many great poets use. Keep it up.


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