Aishah Ansari

Like a Prince

October 19, 2009

His luxurious suit fitting on him
his face mesmerizing like a prince
his eyes honest like love
the handsome man ran
in the valley
in the darkness
in the city
of his one and only.

A. Ansari
xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Intriguing. Is this about anyone in particular? I'd love to know your inspiration.

  2. Surprisingly it's not about anyone is particular. But hopefully one day someone will be able to fit it :)

    Well, for english we had specific patterns we had to do for poems and if you did an extra one it was for extra credit. (Which is this one)So, I followed the 'Flawless' pattern because it was the easiest and then I was thinking about Gossip Girl, and love, and just having someone wanting you there in your life..


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