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Abbu Ka Ghar w/ Translation

October 3, 2010

Bagh mein aam ki khushbu
Bagh mein ma-baap ki khushbu

Koi fikar nahin
Sirf parivar hai aur kuch nahin

Mohabat aur dil ki dua hai sab ka aur kuch nahin
Garmi mein doston kay saath khailtay hain, din mein lungi pehntay hain

Garmi mein saab ghar wale kay saath sottay hain chatt par raatho mein
Sardi mein sab log chai peetay hain aur laayhaaf orh ke sotay hain

Yeh hamara India hai
Yeh hamara Tanda hai

Yeh hamara ghar hai
—Aishah Ansari

Translation of Abbu ka Ghar

Dad’s Home

The scent of mangoes in the fields
The scent of my parents in the fields
There are no worries
There is my family and nothing else
Love and prayers from the heart from everyone and nothing else
In the summer we play with our friends wearing lungis
In the summer all family members sleep on the roof
In the cold we all drink tea and use a blanket while we sleep
This is my India
This is my Tanda
This is my home
—Aishah Ansari
xo Aishah Ansari

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  1. I didnt know you had a blog or the fact that you were a poet. Youre an artist in so many ways.These are amazing. Reflection is a beautiful thing. Im always here if you want to talk.
    -Farheen Baji.


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