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Imaan 365

August 7, 2011

During this blessed month, we tend to take the opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to Islam and refocus our lives to worshipping Him and Him alone.
At the start of Ramadan we obtain this momentum and motivation that pushes us to read Qur’an or to make sure we’ve prayed all 5 prayers.
But as Ramadan steers to an end, it’s important that we don’t let ourselves steer away from our Deen.
That spirit we feel during this month of forgiveness should stay with us all year round.
We need to learn how to maintain that drive that prompts us to be Holy or to refrain from committing other sins.
We spend 30 days strengthening our Imaan,
and it’s time we spend the other 335 doing the same.

Written by: Nadia Ansari
Edited & Title by: Aishah Ansari
xo Aishah Ansari

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