Aishah Ansari

Back to School!

January 22, 2013

School is back in session folks! No, not from the three day MLK weekend.. from winter break. That's right, my first day back to school from my winter break was today. So far, so good! I'm so glad I was able to find great professors (two of which I took last semester). The only downfall so far-the cost of books.

I purchased my books from my college bookstore, came home and found I was able to borrow from friends as well as buy from half price books (ridiculously cheap books!!!) and has good prices to rent books too! So, yes, I will be returning my books to the school and getting my money back!!

Yaay for saving money!

Hope you all are having a fabulous week so far!

I promise, pictures are coming very, very soon!

xo Aishah Ansari

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