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Family Fun Time!

March 15, 2013

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful week. I'm super bummed that break is OVER..already, but excited for family coming in town and hanging out with the whole gang this weekend! Don't wait till Monday to see all the fun I'll be having with my family find it all as it happens on instagram: sincerelyaishah

Also, be sure to check [one] of this week's earlier posts: Realizations
Based on this post, research, and self-experimenting I will be sharing with you all what I find best for these things I mentioned! I hope you're as excited as I am!!

Now on to...

Since I have some [Indian/Brown/Desi] events this weekend, I did want my nails to match my outfits..but that was just asking for too much, haha. So I opted for this gorgeous color that unfortunately does not photograph well :(

©Aishah Ansari Photography/
Spice Things Up by L'Oreal
©Aishah Ansari Photography/
Glitter Accent Diamonds by Sally Hansen
©Aishah Ansari Photography/
It's a really pretty dusky-rose, mauve color though and does not have as much red in it as it seems in the picture! I added a very simple glitter accent to it as well.©Aishah Ansari Photography/

It's not exactly salmon-pink either!
©Aishah Ansari Photography/

What color have you been wearing this week? Or did you just recently change it for the weekend?

Have a good weekend!


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Super cute! Stopping by from Tara's blog.

    Marisa @ A girl in heels

  2. Super pretty combo!! Thanks for the comment on my post too by the way ;)

  3. Very pretty. I think I have the diamonds polish.

  4. Thanks Marissa, Tara, and Madison!

    Jessica- of course! and thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Kimberly- I like it because it's such small sized glittery sparkles!

  5. Great combo.. That red looks great, perfect for Fall and Winter. I like you changed it up with the Glitter top coat.


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