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Working Weekend #1

April 29, 2013


I found some awesome new link-ups! And yes, I'm excited! 
So thank you Leeann & Sami

My weekend- was nothing but work. No joke. No fun shenanigans, not much to gossip either! 

Friday: I came home from school with a pounding headache, a drama script to write, revise, and go over, and a major English research paper to get done ASAP, look over my English Professor's new English 1302 guide for the next semester to get extra credit. Oh, and I work on Saturdays & Sundays! So, Friday I was just feeling BLAH. Yeah. At night I caught up on some shows, then started homework. 
Saturday: Woke up. Worked on my paper. Decided to actually put some effort into my work outfit, so here take a look! 
What I'm wearing:
Jessica Simpson black & white studded
collar blazer as seen here (But I bought mine from Macy's)
Studded Statement ring
Peep-toe Bow Flats
©Aishah Ansari Photography/
So, I went to work. Got off, and it was POURING outside. The rain on Saturday as absolutely ridiculous! Streets shut down because it was just that flooded. Drove in the crazy rain to
 a little get-together.  Came home, tried to unwind and maybe doing something, nope- 
I just crashed. 
Sunday: Woke up. Breakfast. Work. Came back from work. Hung out with my parents {I love just being able to talk to them about my day and what not} Ate. Dinner was delish. Then I just did homework, and wrote this blog post. 

Come join the fun! Link up and share about your weekend! Please- Hearing about someone else's fun weekend will seriously make me feel better!

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Have an amazing Monday!

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Hey girl!! found you through the link up :)

    Your outfit is so so nice!!! I love you nail polish color too, so springy. Blah for working. I dont work but have been studying for finals and a test tomorrow non stop. I hope the weather has gotten better. Spring has finally came out of its shell for us and I'm so excited.

    Thats so awesome that you can talk to your parents. My parents are the same way. I look forward to spending time with them :)

  2. Oh no, you poor thing. Headaches are the worst.

    And all that work doesn't sound like fun :/

    Here's to a better week ahead. Thanks for linking up!


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