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Favorite Picture{s} & a Childhood Memory

May 18, 2013

Blog Everyday in May Days 17 & 18
Day 17: a favorite photo of yourself and why
I honestly couldn't choose between these two. I am sure I have an absolute favorite and just can't think of it right now. But here are my top two that I was able to think of and find. 

This photo I obviously posed for- but has no editing done to it. I love how you can tell I'm wearing make-up but my skin just glows and looks kinda natural. Everything just looks flawless- my skin, hair, make-up, I even love my smile in this picture. I was actually a photographer at this event and my sister snapped this photo before I got to work. (I was attending & photographing) I think the backdrop from the stage with the purple adds the perfect touch to my navy blue outfit. 
I also really like that you can see my fancy-shmancy earrings along with my necklace that says 'Aishah' 
(This is from the beginning of 2011) 

This photo is from the summer of 2009...whoa that was a while ago! Anyway, I think I love this photo because it's candid and not posed at all. My cousin, sister, and I were outside in my cousin's backyard in Dallas and just taking random pictures. I was fixing my hair and laughing because of something my cousin said and my sister snapped this photo. You can tell it's candid and was in action because my right hand is slightly blurred. I just love how natural this photo is.

Day 18: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep, be descriptive, etc.
I can definitely say I a lot of happy childhood memories, thank God. I can honestly say that I am one lucky daughter, sister, cousin, niece, etc. etc. For some reason though one of the memories I have as if it were yesterday  is when I broke my right arm. 

It was in '98.
 I was leaving my cousin's {Baaji} house in my dress {I think ti was plaid} and shiny black dress shoes, with those white socks with the little lace around it- remember those? It was dark out and I was walking to the car when I tripped over a piece of wood sticking out of the crack between each sidewalk-concrete piece. I feel right on to my arm, I remember crying. When I looked up, as I was crying, my grandmother was trying to get someone's attention to tell them I had fell. (Everyone was saying their goodbyes to my cousin and her family). 
My brother finally started saying "Abbu {Dad}, Abbu! Aishah fell!"
My dad and my cousin's husband {Asad Bhai} came rushing over- someone picked me up and before I knew it my dad was sitting with me in the front seat of Asad Bhai's car, trying not to move my arm. Asad Bhjai was driving and his younger brother was sitting in the back. As soon as we got into the car- my mom had just gotten out of her car and was so confused as Asad Bhai backed out and sped away. Then I remember being at the hospital. I remember all of it actually- from the beginning to almost the end: 
-The doctor's name: Dr. Cooke (But pronounced like the beginning of Cuckoo) cooooooook
-I had my blood pressure checked as I was sitting in my dad's lap
-The doctor gave me a brown little car where the person sitting in changed from a Dalmation to a person if you flipped it...
-I was then taken to have x-rays done
-There was one doctor on my left hand side who was giving me a shot while on my right hand side the doctor was wrapping my arm. 
- I remember how I had to take showers with a plastic bag around my arm. 
-I remember getting my cast on & off
-And of course I remember all the people who came to see me and how I was doing. 
The numerous stuffed animals, chocolate, and balloons that I got showed how much love there was for me.

Out of all my childhood memories- why pick this one? I honestly don't know. I just remember it all so vividly. 

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

xo Aishah Ansari

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