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May 6, 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge Day 6! 
Monday Morning Gossip and Weekend Shenanigans! 
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Day 6: If you can't answer with your job, how would you answer the question,
 'what do you do'?
In my last teen year I can actually answer with a job: I am a part-time sales associate and a freelance photographer. I work in retail & enjoy it because it gives me a break from school and everything else. It's where I get to tell people, 'well adding a belt to that would dress it up'. Or when someone tells me they are trying to get a new wardrobe for spring, and I can help them put outfits together- for work  & just out and about! I love it! I really enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest trends, colors, etc. I am starting to become interested in name brands (more so with shoes & hand bags than clothes though) Here check out a few outfits: 

What I'm wearing:
Rue 21 Gold Glitter & Cream stripe sweater
Layered mint green, gold, and pearl necklace from Charlotte Russe
my 'everyday' rings: infinity/knot and twisted rope
James Avery bracelet
Outfit details here
Outfit details here
{You may already know that} I am also a freelance photographer and have been since I was..15? I have done photos from action shots, to homecoming and prom portraits to senior portraits, and wedding and other family events. I have even been an assistant to another freelance photographer at weddings! It's an amazing experience! I love being able to get out there and see the world through my camera lens. (My Canon DSLR Rebel XS 18-55mm lens that is) 
I am also a blogger! I have been since 2009. Not very active in 'link-ups' but I started blogging poetry, moved onto poetry, and now here we are today. I am also a full-time college student. {Gonna, wreck those finals! Hopefully! Wish me luck!}
So to answer the question 'what do you do' in a quick response: I am a full-time college student, part-time sales associate, freelance photographer, and aspiring blogger!

Aside from that I love to shop, eat, and sleep, paint my nails, do my hair, my make up, read {when I get the chance} enjoy the weather outside when it's nice. And cuddle with my cat...who doesn't like to cuddle. And of course spend time with my family!

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And now on to:

Thanks Leeann!

Thanks Sami! 

My weekend went a little something like this:
Friday: After school, I went to prayers where I happened to run into my sister & brother who were in town for the weekend {yaaay}and the rest of the family, including my aunt and cousin {minus mom-she was at work}. We all went out to eat at Fadi's for lunch. {Fadi's is a Meditteranen Grill}that is super duper delicious! Then just did some random stuff at home.Talked with the sister  and what not.
Saturday: Work, work, work. I left for work in the morning {yes the AM part of the day} Came back, worked on some homework, watched some TV shows, did this and that. Nothing huge. 
Sunday: I went to work, got off of work, bought some really nice shoes for payless!! I had been looking for shoes like this for work and they are sooooo comfy! I bought them in nude & black :)
Came home, had lunch, was so exhausted for some reason so, I fell asleep... Woke up had dinner, homework, homework, and then started writing this blog post!  
Throughout the weekend I was blogging for the Blog Everyday in May Challenge and 
Instagram-ing for the May Photo Challenge! You can follow me @sincerelyaishah
So, how was your weekend? 
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xo Aishah Ansari


  1. The outfits are soo cute. I love how you are an ispriing blogger. Life is all aboutthe journey and this sums that up so well.


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