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June 13, 2013

Hi there! Miss me? I'm sorry- but today I have some pretty awesome Designer Name Deals I recently bought that I wanted to share with you!
First Up is this 
Tan Faux Snake Skin Steve Madden Wallet
Retails: Approximately $50
I bought it for...$24 at Nordstorm Rack
I love love love love love big wallets. I don't know why. 
This gorgeous wallet is all shiny in the inside :) 

I also bought a SUPER DUPER cute blue & (shiny) silver bow designed 
Chinese Laundry Umbrella from Ross. I
 don't know how much it originally goes for..but I got it for $6. 
I'll take that!
It's big, and has the cutest bows on it that connect
and has a matching umbrella sleeve! (as shown above)
But after watching so much How I Met Your Mother- I really want a yellow umbrella. Can you blame me? But for now, I have this one :)

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