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Let's Catch Up {Self-Portrait Challenge Days 12-16}

July 31, 2013

Hi there my little neglected blog- I'm sorry work has been crazy busy... and yes, I have been lazy. Miss the past few days? Follow me on instagram & twitter! But here are my self-portraits for A Beautiful Mess's 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge Days 12-16! 

Side-view{s} w/ Natural Bokeh. 
Taken w/ Canon

Selfie Sunday. Natural. Different. 
Taken w/ Canon

Natural. No Make-Up. 
Look the other way. Peace. Focused Blur.
Taken w/ Canon {I think}

Natural. Exhausted. Tried out pssst dry shampoo.
Not posed actually.

some of my favorite shots of today! She is adorable.  I am so glad I forced myself to take these pictures- for these ten minutes I felt so relaxed- I love taking pictures.
I know it's just my hand in the picture- but I think it still counts.
This kitty means so much to me. 
Taken with Canon- NO EDIT!! :) 
Cat. Pet Me. Oh yeah, that's the spot. 

And hopefully by the end of this week I'll share with you my recent make-up splurge, and the other amazing deals! 

Have a good night & a great day tomorrow! 

xo Aishah Ansari

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