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The Betty & The 50's Tea Party Dress- PERSONAL REVIEWS!

July 22, 2013

I was asked by a fellow blogger if I could review earrings by hoop-La, so here it is!

To begin, I’m not too big on the vintage style, nor do I know much about it. Sometimes I feel I can’t pull that look off. But someone once told me If you wear with confidence, you can pull it off. So, as I was scrolling through the {gorgeous and unique} earrings on hoop-La I saw these and absolutely fell in love with them! They have a vintage look to them, but are still super stylish! I also love the colors they come in. 
Here’s how I would accessorize these beauties:
Taupe : These would be great to wear with anything- whether it’s a nice blouse on denim, or even a simple dress. You could even throw on some cowgirl boots to go along with your outfit, how cute would that be?! If I had to choose one, I would choose these because I would be able to wear them more than the others because they are a neutral shade. 
The colored ones I feel would be more of a statement-piece of jewelry. Because they are so big I would only wear the earrings and a simple ring-you never want to over-do it. 
Orange: I would pair this with most probably a white blouse with maybe some orange detailing and then these earrings. I wouldn’t pair this with beige because they wouldn’t stand out as much.
Orchid: I would love to pair these earrings with black. It would look absolutely stunning and even white would also really help bring out the color of these earrings.
Whether it is a simple blouse or a fancy blouse or dress with some simple, yet cute shoes and these statement earrings-you’ve got yourself one chic outfit! I think these earrings can be worn both ways- for casual outfits and for more formal outfits too. One thing I noticed about these earrings that made me like them even more is the way the hook is on them. Many a times, hoop-type earrings turn outward {which I don’t mind, but am also not a huge fan of), by looking at the picture(s) and seeing how the hook is placed on the earring- I can tell that these {most probably} won’t turn.

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Now on to a dress from

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This dress just seems like it would hug your body and curves in all the right places! This form-fitting Vintage Tea Party Dress is an absolute classic! This dress could be styled two ways, in my opinion. You could go for the Glamorous & Classy look or for Modern & Chic look- either way you will look stunning! 
Glamorous & Classy: Pair this dress with a very simple single pendant-pearl necklace, or a single stranded pearl necklace, stacks of pearl bracelets, and simple pearl stud earrings. Don’t forget a ring! Add a pair of black pumps (open or close toed). Add a simple black clutch to go along with it. Let your hair down with some heavy, luscious curls. Simple eye-make-up, black eye-liner & mascara, use black liquid liner and make a winged-look on your upper lid. Lastly, add some red-hot lips! This is the glamorous Hollywood style we all know and love! 
Modern & Chic: Today, most people would like to add pops of color to this black & white dress. Pick a color of your choice. I’m going with turquoise- but be careful what you things you choose to be turquoise. You don’t want to over-do it. Go with turquoise jewelry- statement earrings. Turquoise with silver, no necklace, but a nice silver ring, and silver & turquoise bracelet. Then, add a really nice black clutch- if you can add a turquoise brooch OR have a turquoise clutch hand bag. For your shoes- keep them black or you could even wear white. I say this because you don’t want to over-do the color. For your make-up do a nice shade of turquoise and add a line of black liquid liner. Go neutral on the lips and you’re ready for your night out!   
 I would personally have to wear leggings and a blazer/shawl with this dress.

Hope you enjoyed my personal reviews!


xo Aishah Ansari

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