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Vogue Magazine + Me {Self-Portrait Day 2}

July 17, 2013

So, I'm really taking A Beautiful Mess's 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge and hoping to grow a lot as a photographer. I hope throughout these 30 days of taking self- portraits I learn more about lighting, angle, ideas, and which angles I like for my self-portraits. Here is Day 2!

I keep my old Vogue magazines, to hopefully get inspiration. I also like to put my jewelry on it , make up, etc. when taking pictures. I figured why not incorporate this into my self-portrait today because well..I love fashion {in case you hadn't noticed}

You may be wondering why I left the top of the picture {the picture frames} It's because those are my very first photography pieces, and some of my favorites. So, I guess in a way this picture tells a bit of a story.. I'm a little messy. Love photography and fashion! 

{Looks like I found something I was reading interesting. 
Btw, doesn't Keira Knightley look beautiful?!

Lighting: I used my basic room lighting as well as the natural sunlight from my window
Camera: I used a Canon Rebel XS and actually put it on a tri-pod and set a 10-second timer with continuous shooting. I know this picture isn't the best. Trust me, especially with all the clutter in the back. But it looks like I'm reading in the second picture, no? I'll do my best to have better {a} self-portrait{s} tomorrow!

What do you think & what are some tips you could give me to improve my self-portraits?

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