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Let's Catch Up: the 2nd Edition {Self-Portrait Challenge Pictures + an unforgettable experience!}

August 26, 2013

Hi there my little neglected blog {and readers} so, so, so, sorry! It was a crazy busy last few weeks of summer and then BAM school started! Where did the time go?! I'm super-duper happy to say that I was able to finish the 30-day self-portrait challenge. Unfortunately,  I wasn't able to post the pictures for days 27-30 on instagram each day because I was in the woods. So I'll post the pictures in this post!  No, I'm not joking- I was in the woods. I was a part of a camp which was one an amazing experience. I created bonds with people that I never knew could be formed in the matter of 5-6 days. Bonds that in the end, when it was time to say goodbye, we didn't want to- we cried out our eyes out like little babies. One bond in particular with a really special girl whom I cannot wait to see again! Every night at the camp there was a camp fire and people would perform songs, skits, jokes, riddles, etc. I performed 4/5 of the nights. I recited two of my poems: The Bond of Chai & Masquerade
I also taught a camper and counselor  the HOEDOWN THROWDOWN {yeah, you read that correctly} and performed that- that was epic. We had boots, cowboy hats, plaid clothing, the song down, and the dance. They were really happy that I knew the dance- how I know the dance...well let's just leave that to be a mystery. But they expected me to know it since I am a Texan! And lastly, sang a song with one of my fellow campers. This experience definitely changed my outlook on life and the way I view myself as well. It was great being unplugged from ALL social media for 7 days- it was cleansing.
Okay, that's enough rambling!

Here are my self-portrait pictures and upcoming post topics!

DAY 25

Upcoming topic posts:
different ways to wear a scarf
fedoras for summer- so what's for for winter? 
statement handbags/clutches
my new beauty & make up buys
room decor/ideas
& so much more! 

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xo Aishah Ansari

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