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September 27, 2013

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by- gosh it's been such a busy week full of tests, and tests, oh and did I mention tests? But to give myself a little break during the week, I painted my nails and also decided to experiment a here we go!

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Here's what I did, I painted all my nails using New York Color in MoMa (after applying a base coat) but I left my thumb and ring finger unpainted. After my nails had dried, I added a top coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri for extra shine! Then I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City on my thumbs and ring fingers. I let that dry then, using tape made a stripe/line of the NYC hot pink shade. Unfortunately, this didn't turn out the way I wanted it too, because the tape suck to silver nail polish so I had to repaint it and well overall it just looks really messy. But because I put so much time in to trying it out, I decided to rock it out for a few days!

So, honestly, how bad does it look?
Can someone suggest to me how to get a nice line/stripe using nail polish other tape? 
(Something that doesn't cost much either- not incoco strips)

Also, what do nail colors do you think are a must for the fall?
I think a lot deep pinks, purples, and reds are the go-to colors for the fall when it comes to nails. 


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. I haven't been able to master the stripe yet either, but I think yours looks great!! I love the color combo!


  2. Did you press the tape down fully? I'd suggest only having it barely on so it won't stick to the polish underneath. I think it looks good though, and the colors are great! And with it being your first time, it may just be one of those "practice makes perfect" things.

    I agree with purples and reds. I think even burnt orange (or bright orange for people who like orange lol) would be a fantastic autumn color. I've seen a lot of blues for autumn also but I feel blues are more winter to me.

  3. Oh no! It's always so disappointing when you invest the effort and it doesn't pay off! The striping tape I use is from eBay and I got 20 different colours for about $5. They took a while to get mailed, but I've had them for over a year and still have tons left!

    As for fall colours, I'm super into deep purples and blues. I'm also on the lookout for the perfect, grey creme (and I shall find it, haha!).

  4. Oh! A great idea--and I love the colors. One way to make the tape strategy work is to make the tape less sticky. Stick the pieces of tape to the back of your hand and pull up multiple times to get some of your skin's oil on the tape so it's not sticky enough to remove the first layer of paint but still sticky enough to get a clean line. Hope that helps!

  5. Yep, what Joey said. You should kind of stick it to the table or something a few times before sticking it onto your nail and after you paint the polish over the tape, don't wait too long to peel it off otherwise the lines are gonna be weird.
    Don't worry this has happened to me like a bajillion times ~_~
    Love the color combo you used though! My fall colors would be taupe-y or dark blue but I don't really stick to colors for seasons :P

  6. When I do tape for lines or angles, I make sure the base coat is super dry, sometimes I even wait overnight to be sure. Then I stick the tape to my hand (or anywhere) to get a bit of the stick off. Then place on my nail. I love any colors for fall. Whatever looks pretty when I'm picking out my polishes! :)

  7. Thank you all for the great tips! I will be sure to do that next time I decide to do stripes! Thanks for your opinions on colors for the seasons as well!


  8. Tape manis have never worked for me either LOL. But I may have to use the tips in the comments too ;) I love the color combo!


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