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Poetry Day 16

October 16, 2013

Day 16: Last Words/Things Unsaid

For things unsaid take a look at yesterday's poem, it's not exactly things unsaid, 
but a little more about not wanting to live in regret. Maybe it doesn't fall under the category at all, but here it is: Can I Get Closer?

Here's today! 
From of course the OctPoWriMo Hopeless Romantic! :) 

The Hopeless Romantic
9 Letters:
8 Letters Never Written & 1 Stamped for the Future.

Dear M,
I told you so. But you still fell for her. And got hurt, and I had to be there as a friend to pick up the pieces.
Dear {another} M,
You hurt me so bad and didn't realize it till ___ years later.
Dear K,
I went after you all for nothing. Then you realized just a tad bit too late.
Dear S,
I am sorry for hurting you- but in the end it was what was best.
Dear G,
Please leave me alone.
Dear Y,
I cared way too much. And yes, you led me on.
Dear {yet another} M,
It was a one way street. Once I drove off and was gone, then you started speeding up. Like K.
Dear G,
Seriously? Go away please!
Dear all of you,
thank you for the memories, 
the laughs, the tears, the happiness, and heartbreak because it has made me who I am today. 
I thank you all because I am proudly standing tall, even though I'm short.
I thank you because if it weren't for you all-
I wouldn't have grown as a person. 
I thank you again, because now I look forward to this person:

{Parts of this next poem can easily be dedicated to some of my family and a few friends.
But this is for that special someone that I'm waiting for.} 

Dear _________, 
Thank you for bringing out a side of me I never knew existed.
You're constant faith in me is a blessing.
Sometimes I think it's all just a dream, then I realize it's not.
You're mine and I'm Yours,
Forever and ever.
You have shown your soul to me,
piece by piece, bit by bit-
I try to do the same. 
But as you already know,
It takes me a while to trust. 
You accepted me with all my flaws- except you don't see them as flaws,
You see them as the things that make me who I am.
You love me for who I am.
You encourage me to do photography, write poetry, and chase after my dreams.
Sometimes, I wonder what I did to deserve someone like you.
I am so blessed to have you in my life.
You call me beautiful, and when you do you don't just refer to the outside of me, but the inside too.
You call me your friend, I am so glad I can be.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.
Each day that passes by I grow closer to you
and love you even more than I already do.
I like that we have similar tastes in certain thing
but we also have our differences.
It's what makes our relationship special and so much more real.
My day is made as long as I have talked to you.
When I don't 
talk to you, or am only able to talk to you for a little bit,
I feel my day is incomplete.
Everything I am saying may sound like the typical love-story cliché,
But what I am saying is the truth.
I know that I am lucky to have you in my life
by my side through the ups and downs,
the good and the bad,
the thick and thin,
the laughter and tears,
and everything else in between.
You made me realize that I am a lot more independent than I thought. 
You helped me learn...some patience.
But you helped me learn how different people handle different situations too.
I guess what I am saying is that
you make me feel loved,
and just know that I love you too.

I realize that everything I am saying is exactly what someone would want to hear, 
but this is how I hope to feel one day. 

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. I can relate to those letters to the wrong person. There seems to always be that one like G which makes one wonder "was I drunk during the whole relationship?"

  2. We all need frogs before princes, or the princes would look like frogs. :) You find the latter, and you'll be all the more appreiative because of the former. X

  3. I love your letter to the future! It is truly amazing when you find that "someone" who doesn't see your flaws as flaws, but as beautiful parts of who you are. Lovely writing!

  4. There is something so real and beautiful about your posts that makes me go awwww


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