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Poetry Day 10

October 10, 2013

Day 10: A Poetry Collage

I most definitely found this very, very, very challenging. My poems all have different rhythms, formats, and meaning. I was able to find "favorite lines/stanzas" in my poems though. 
(scroll down to the bottom to see that)
 But here is the poem I was able to put together. 
{yes the title is mix and spin of words from a class line from Gossip Girl}

Who is She? That’s a Secret I'll Never Tell
A young woman who traveled far to see where her parents were brought up.
Hoping to form a bond with someone who is in her everyday life.
Throughout the life struggles she began to hide who she really was,
She herself never knew who she was- has she figured it out yet?
Now, as she begins to discover herself, she is enjoying the weather that is upon is.
She is realizing the obstacles she has endured make her the writer she is today.
She always forgets that she has a creative spark, she discovered it back in 2009.
She has a passion for photography, another creative spark and outlet
She always sells herself short, time and time again.
She grew up being compared to people, so her mentality is that she must be better than others.
She still goes through heartache, sadness, and so much more because it is all a part of life.
She knows that there is more to her than what people can see and interpret, in a way she likes the mystery.
She is still a person who confides in others, is confided to, and at times has no clue what to do.
She is a hopeless romantic, although scared she is willing to fall, hoping someone will catch her but-
She knows love is no fairy tale.
She has had many dreams, some she still hasn't seen, but some have been broken, and they still haunt her.
She is a survivor and strong, but sometimes feels she has no strength.
She can feel all alone at times, no matter how many people are there to support her.
She is just waiting to find love.
She is figuring out her life, career, and most importantly,
She is taking the time to understand herself.

A Poetry Collage
As I look back at the poems I have written
I do not have favorite.
I feel all of them can be improved-
However, each poem has at least one specific line that is the hook of the poem-
It’ favorite line.
From Abbu Ka Ghar to
all the poems written for October Poetry Writing Month
there is at least one line in each poem that after I wrote it,
I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s a pretty deep, meaningful line”
As look back at the poems I have written
I am proud to see how far I have come as a writer.

So, here’s a simple collage of my favorite lines:

Bagh mein aam ki khushubu// The scent of mangoes in the fields
Baagh mein ma, baap ki khushbu// The scent of my parents in the fields
“I then pray that some words would just escape his lips.
Not because he has to answer my questions
But because he wants to have a conversation with me.

What about the masks of who we truly are?
If everyone is afraid to be themselves,
is life on big masquerade?
If so, hold on to your masks and make sure they don’t fall off.
I actually like the entire poem
It is time to ‘fall back’
As we walk, beneath us we hear the leaves crunch
So it’s time for pumpkin flavored snacks
That much us munch
{The Season of Autumn Poem}
Poetry is hidden in the cracks, breaks, wounds, and scars of a person.
Poetry is hidden in the heart, mind, and soul of person-
The writing itself is screaming to get out- but the person has no control.
The poetry itself is the person.
{The Poetry is the Poet Poem}
I had found creative talent within myself that I never knew existed.

At the end of the day,
Don’t beat yourself up that your pictures, writing, posts
aren't as flawless or successful as others-
instead look at them as your achievements and success for just that day.
{Aishah, Be Yourself}
I am a young woman who goes through the aches and pains that are life.
{More than Just a Young Woman}
What you see in me
At times like these we feel hopeless and helpless
Not just the person going through a difficult time,
But also the person who is being confided in.
{Rough Tough: This is Life, Sorry.}
Love is like falling and not knowing if someone is there to catch you
It’s a risk that many of us are willing to take.
{Love is Life}
My dreams shattered into pieces lay right before my eyes.
Oh, how did my strength turn into something so useless
{All Alone}
We can finally be together, can’t you see?
We could drown together in the deep sea.
{Hopeless Romantic}

Have a lovely Thursday!
Happy Writing :)


xo Aishah Ansari

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