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Poetry Day 11

October 11, 2013

Day 11: Using the Sounds Around You

To be completely honest, I didn't like this prompt or format... I don't find sound poetry to be very interesting- but that's just my opinion! Perhaps, because I never know how to spell the sounds I hear.. I don't know. I'm not a fan. But here's what I came up with and I hope to add more to it!

Like a Water Drop
I wait for the “bloop” on my phone.
It sounds like a water drop
It’s telling me I have new text message
But who could it be from- at this hour of the night.
My phone is telling me I have yet to check the message.
Someone is on their phone, waiting for a response.
Tooh, tooh, tooh, there I responded.
Two more messages, perhaps from two different people?
Or, one long one from one person.
It’s interesting how we have conversations
Bloop- another message.
Through texts we are able to talk to our friends and family.
Tell them about our day, how we are feeling, what we are up to, etc.
I am able to talk to my friends, but here’s the catch-
Anyone can text/type anything on the phone, what if they’re hiding how they really feel?
I wouldn’t know, I can’t hear their voice or see their facial expressions.
But the people I do spend a lot of time texting, I can pick up the way the text is formatted.
The …. Or the periods after every.single.word. instead of an exclamation mark!
Bloop- another text
Having the :) and then not having them.
It’s interesting how we can pick up a vibe that the person we are talking to
Can either be upset, angry, tired, or just simply not being themselves
All through texts.

Sorry g2g. bbl.

Happy Friday!! 

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. interesting look at our modern communications...bloop(er) used to be a mistake ;-)

  2. You did a much better job with the prompt than I did. It was very compelling!

  3. You are amazing !!
    I love every of your posts a bit more every day :)

  4. Very cute and unusual take on today's difficult prompt! Nice job.


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