Aishah Ansari

Poetry Day 12

October 12, 2013

Day 12: Shadows
I really, really liked this prompt. 
I hope I have more time to come back, add to this &
make this poem a bit neater.
Enjoy :) 

My Shadow is Me & More
As I walk with a smile on my face
My Shadow in front of me hides my true feelings.
Within my shadow each day lays
 pains, sorrow, grief…all my hardships.
Sometimes even jealousy, hatred, failure, anger-
Any and every emotion I have ever felt, my shadow holds it within.
My true self is within the shadows of myself.
Every step I take, every breath I make
I may never know why- but my shadow does.
My shadow doesn't need to put a barrier between me and the world.
My shadow doesn't always need to separate me from reality.
My shadow doesn't always need to put space between me and another person.
But when it does, when I need my shadow to get through life- it appears,
Dark and willing to cover for me.
My shadow has my soul, my heart, and my true personality.
My shadow may be dark at times,
But when the sun is shining bright on my side,
My shadow doesn't need to hold any parts of me,
Because then I can be myself and my shadow is always by my side.


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Well said. I have fought to keep my shadow side at bay for most of my life, but sometimes it does serve me.

  2. Loved your interpretation..loved the free is very much how I write :)

  3. Beautifully put! Our shadows ARE us, yet they seem like something apart sometimes.

  4. It's impossible to shrug them off, but we all tuck them away along with you!

  5. I love whats you write. Mainly cos I see a strong women behind it, a growing women. I really like your way of writing!

  6. wow I can see you walking with the shadow,fighting what's inside, living strong and moving forward.


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