Aishah Ansari

Poetry Day 17

October 17, 2013

Day 17: Games We Played

I'm a 90's Kid
Growing up is a part of life. 
But our childhood holds some of the most precious memories. 
From having favorite stuffed animals to playing 'house' to putting on my mom's high heels and writing on the chalkboard in my garage pretending to be a teacher. 
The barbies I played with had a bigger wardrobe than I did. 
Having a sticker book club, 
Where glittery and fuzzy stickers had to be traded with double the amount. That sticker club caused many fights among friends. 
Sizing up the stickers for a fair trade. 
At school, playing hopscotch, tag, and hide and seek.
Going down the slide and playing on the monkey bars until my hands were blistered.
Riding our bikes after school then playing double dutch in the middle 
of the street with all the kids on the block. 
Then my barbie doll got a hot pink convertible!
Drawing on the side walk with chalk as kids further down dueled with their Pokemon cards. 
Playing square dungeon on my driveway or the basketball game knock-out. 
Let's not forget the hula hoops and jump ropes! 
Do you remember the skip-it? 
Then I picked up roller blading! 
The not wanting to go inside when it started becoming dark out. 
But then that just made me look forward to playing tomorrow even more.


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Funny how some childhood memories belong to many generations and others are new to the current one. I can relate to some of your memories. Others belong to me only vicariously, through my own now-grown children. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. May you make many happy memories today.

  2. What fun images - playing outside until dark... yes, those were the days! Thank you for the trip down memory lane (playing hopscotch as I go...)


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