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Poetry Day 26

October 26, 2013

Day 26: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister

Today, I am grateful for each person I have in my family. But, I admit, there is someone extra special and very near & dear to my heart. Without this person I wouldn't be where am I today. We cry together, laugh together, pray together, mess around with make up together, and talk about anything and everything on our minds. 
So ladies & gentlemen today's poem is to my amazing sister- Amber.

My Sister, My Best Friend
You keep your head up high 
You try and pretend things are fine
You help me understand the ways of life
You always tell me how I should be treated in the future, as a wife
You may studying for a test
But if I call you, crying you tell me to take deep breaths.
You always help calm me down
You remind me the things I shouldn't do, the things that make others frown.
You may be too overprotective sometimes,
But I know you always mean well, even if you have already told me ten times.
Some say we look exactly alike,
Some say we look nothing alike.
We are two completely different people.
And let's admit that our personalities are not simple.
Many say having a sister can be a wonderful thing or a terrible thing.
I have friends that envy our relationship, they see what you do for me, all the caring
Fate made us sister and best friends.
I am so grateful and blessed to have you as my elder sister,
You're my everything.
What you mean to me
Is more than I can express
You see, you're the person I turn to when I'm in distress.
You are an angel in disguise,
Full of care, love, intelligence, and wise.
Together we go through life's struggles and pain,
But with you by my side, you help me endure the strain.
We have fought, bickered, argued, and made one another mad
Without you, my life would be so sad.
You are so giving and helping through
We remember the good times and bad
You're the best friend I will ever have had
I know you'll always be there through thick and thin
When we are not together, our bond is still strong.
You always know when something is wrong.
You are someone, who helps guide me through dark,
With your eyes, that always have a spark.
What you mean to me
Is more than I can express.

Fate made us sisters and best friends 


Here is a poem  I wrote about her a few years back

Her dark brown eyes always sparkle with hope.
Her pearly white smile always encouraging.
Her hugs make me believe that everything will be okay.
Her shoulder always there for me to lean on.
Her laughter makes others laugh.
Her presence brightens up a room.
Her beauty is graceful.
Her honesty makes her modest.

My Beautiful Swan of a Sister.
I love her so much
I will miss her dearly next year. 
But I know she will always be there for me.
-February 5, 2001


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Your sister is blessed to have you, her best friend, honoring her with your beautiful expression of love in this poem. Makes me smile....

  2. My younger sisters are my only true friends. They'd be there at my side if I needed them, and although in many ways we're so different, we are also just the same. Loved the message and the emotion of these poems.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with your sister - mine was not so good, and still isn't, even though we can disguise our differences now that we are old.


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