Aishah Ansari

Poetry Day 28

October 28, 2013

Day 28: Who Are We?

I am still discovering myself, but now, with the help of you.
You tell me to never give up on my dreams.
You encourage me to go after what I truly desire
From school, to careers, to friendships, to the thing I do.
This is life,
You wish you could wipe the tears that, down my face, stream.
And when you know you can’t you feel as if you have stabbed with a knife.
You helped me realized that sometimes  it’s okay to play with the fire.
You think my life is a story to be told.
But what you don’t see is how much I miss you,
You do not see that the key for my happiness, you now hold.
My days lately have been incomplete because I don’t have you to talk to.
You tell me not to worry about you,
But you know me well, and know that isn’t easy for me to do.
Because what you don’t know is that I cry for you.
Because I miss you.
When there are days that you don’t want to talk
You just want to be alone and be able to think
Those days, sometimes tears trickle down my cheek when I blink
“Are you ok?, Will you be ok? Did I do something?”
I am always left wondering.
Days go by, and I don’t hear from you- that’s when I worry
Then you remind me not to rush life, there is no hurry.
In the end you help me smile,
Despite the miles
You inspire me to write
You are the one thing in my life that shines bright
You are my muse
You are someone I cannot lose
You teach me more about myself day by day
You help me see my strengths as a person
Sometimes I feel I am in a daze
With you, because of you, I feel things can never worsen
You have shown me true affection.
In your eyes I am perfection,
I hope one day we can see eye to eye
And never have to say goodbye.
For it is you who has shown what I am capable of,
So much love.
You show me Who I Am
When I see myself through your eyes, well damn.
But I still ask myself, Who Am I?
With that question, I will forever fly
To find out why.


xo Aishah Ansari

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