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Poetry Day 29

October 29, 2013

Day 29: Epitaph Poem

Today I wrote two poems, one is for my {late grandfather} 
the other I was inspired to write by another blogger from OctPoWriMo!
So here is: The Grandfather & I Am Here

The Grandfather 
I remember you falling ill
Then you just lying there so still
I remember holding you hand so tight
You could no longer fight
I remember how I would cry myself to sleep
I didn't want you to hear me weep
I still remember every morning you pick fresh flowers from the garden
I still have the necklace you gave me just days before you left, the one that is golden
We were visiting you for the first time
Who knew that this would also be the very last time?
I still remember the outfit you had brought from back home, it was so colorful
You were always so joyful
We went to the butterfly museum together
I thought I would have you forever
You were a respected, kind, loving, honorable man
I will honor you in the best ways I can

Time She Shine
Here is Aishah Ansari
A person who is not sorry
For the life she is lived
She was always well advised
She never gives up hope
She would never want you to mope
She is still here
No longer living in fear
Finally going after her dreams
It’s time she shines bright as her light beams
She’s going to be brave
And this time everyone will rave.
She’s finally getting up
She’s had enough
She sees it now
She’s a fighter
It’s time to for her to run through the fire
She’s fierce with the eye of the tiger.
**obviously you can see many of these lines 
were inspired by Katy Perry's song Roar


xo Aishah Ansari

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  1. I love the grandfather, he emanates through your words. I like Aishah too. But I don't even know a Kate Perry. lol


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