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Poetry Day 30

October 30, 2013

First, I want you all to go back and read a post I had written in May. 
Is it obvious I am speaking from experience?
If so, then today I would like to put those truths into a poem.

Day 30: Social Issues

The 'B' Word aka Bullying: 
From Hell and Back
Emotional, Physical, or Verbal
Many do not realize that they are all forms of it.
Just a few years ago, there was girl with big dreams,
She wanted to get out of the toxic environment that is high school,
not because she wasn't enjoying school but because of the
cruel and harsh words,
the whispers behind her back.
It all got back to her,
every. single. word.
Just much as she was loved she was hated.
It didn't matter that she hadn't done anything,
She was their scapegoat
They needed someone to blame for their mistakes
because they couldn't own up to what they had done.
No, taking responsibility for their own actions sounded preposterous.
So, they attacked the one person who made a decision to not want to join their clique.
She was afraid to park her car near them,
But behind her tears there was nothing but sadness and pain
Behind her smile there was anger
Behind the brave face she put on there was weakness
Behind her brown eyes there was fear.
She could never let them see her as weak, 
It would only add fuel to the flame.
You thought you knew her,
But you all didn't even know the half of her.
You thought you were finally getting to her,
tearing her down,
piece by piece, day by day.
That you were.
The words you used like knives,
They pierced her soul.
Your stares and laughs were swords and weapons that you used against her
You tried to knock her off her feet,
made her feel like she was nothing
You took her down, but it took more than one blow.
but what you all didn't know is that
What you put her through has made her ten times stronger
By putting her through that misery, she is now able to shed light into others lives
You don't know that now her dreams are even bigger than before
She is in a place where she can no longer be hit by your words.
Because someday, she's going to make it big,
What you don't know is that someday she'll be living in a big 'ol city
and all you're ever going to be is mean. 
You thought you put an end to her,
But by putting her through hell 
you made her proud to be who she is.


*What you don't know is that someday she'll be living in a big 'ol city
and all you're ever going to be is mean. From the Taylor Swift song- Mean
xo Aishah Ansari

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