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Poetry. Days 1-3

October 3, 2013

First, a little ladies humor-

Hahaha, okay. Anyway-
You may not know, but I love writing poetry and it was recently brought back into my life. I'm linking up and joining October Poetry Month 2013 for amazing poetry, talent, and just to write for fun! It's 31 Poems in 31 Days, and I am taking the challenge. It's already the third day. So, here are my first three poems for 'OctPoWriMo'

Day 1: Rhyme & Season

The Season of Autumn
The season of autumn is no longer near
It is here.
The fog in the mornings that makes it hard to see
And with the subtle breezes is where I want to be.
It is time to walks in the parks
and see the leaves change color.
The days will no longer feel smaller
as time will soon change.
It is time to ‘fall back’
As we walk, beneath us we hear the leaves crunch
So it’s time for pumpkin flavored snacks
That make us munch.
Finally, all the fashionable clothes and
styles seen on the runway
we can wear through the day
From light sweaters, to scarves
And boots that make us travel far.
Where will Autumn take me this year?

Day 2: Hiding Places

The Poetry is the Poet
Hidden in the depths of a person’s soul
Look into their eyes and you can see
The hidden words of a poet
That have never been written
Hiding away in the darkness of what we call life-
Words and feelings harbored out of sight
Longing for someone to speak them
But cannot as they are buried deep within the person.
Hidden within the mind of whom has
Thoughts and feelings scattered like puzzle pieces.
Unfortunately, these things cannot even be penned.
Trapped, until it is time to break free-
But when will that be?
Poetry is hidden in the cracks, breaks, and wounds of a person.
Poetry is hidden in the heart, mind, and soul of a person-
The writing itself is screaming to get out- but the person has no control.
The poetry itself is the person. 

Day 3: I wrote a poem one day.

Insight and a Spark
The first poem I wrote,
That I can recall
Is in my native tongue.
I was in an environment where I could be myself.
I could show my roots of who I am and where I am from.
The first poem I ever wrote that had meaning was in 2009.
I had found a creative talent within myself that I never knew existed.
Poetry has been in and out of my life for almost four year now
It just came back with a bang and I hope it stays.
That poem, is one of my most favorite poems.
It does not make much sense when translated,
But the beauty of it                           
Is that I am able to understand it.
I am able to feel, see, touch, and hear that poem.

**Although, I speak English fluently and was born and raised here in the U.S., I consider Urdu/Hindi my native tongue :) 

Please do leave any thoughts & thanks for stopping by!  :)
xo Aishah Ansari

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  1. I wonder what your native language is? I'm curious as your words in English are lovely!


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