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The Nail Files: Trouble Maker & Poetry Day 4

October 4, 2013

It's Friday, and it's double the fun! Two link-ups! First the nail files! Link up and show off what your nails have looked like for the past week, what you'll be wearing for the weekend, or anything you found/want! Then, October Poetry Writing Month! You can find out more about that here!

I decided to try something different- again- this week. I am wearing Sally Hansen complete SALON MANICURE in (500) Trouble Maker. My ring fingers I painted with Sally Hansen Celeb City (Barely even a coat) and applied e.l.f. Chic Confetti Glitter

Photo taken with Canon Rebel XS (no filter/no edit) 
©Aishah Ansari Photography 

I didn't really pain this on though- more like packed it on so my entire nails was covered in the glitter, then smoothed it out. I decided to add little dots of the glitter to my thumbs as an accent. I like that they aren't  perfect dots, and it's scattered-this is a look I will definitely by doing again with different colors. As always, I applied a base & top coat.

 I absolutely LOVE this deep purple by Sally Hansen, the brush that comes with this polish is awesomeeee and the color is great too- it's that nice dark purple, but not so dark that you can't even tell it's purple. I will definitely be wearing this throughout the weekend and possibly through the first few days of next week before changing it. :) 

Happy Friday!
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Day 4: Poet: Be Gentle with Yourself
Aishah Be Yourself
For once,
follow the advice you give to others.
Remember that you are your own individual,
an individual with talents, passion, success,
and a bright future-
if you stop always being so hard on yourself.
For once,
take a step back and appreciate the little things
you have in your life.
Remember that the trials and challenges you have been through,
make you who you are.
For once,
be thankful that you have
photography, poetry, blogging, etc
as your creative outlets.
Remember, you are much a stronger person today
than you were yesterday.
At the end of the day,
don't beat yourself up that your
pictures, writings, or posts
aren't as flawless or successful as others-
instead look at them as your achievements and successes for just that one day.
Learn to be gentle with yourself
Learn to love yourself
Learn to trust yourself
Learn to care for yourself
Learn to be there for yourself
Learn to just always be yourself
because that is what got you this far. 

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. You know that the second I saw your link-up title I starting singing the song in my head, right? Haha! This is a fabulous combo! I love purple and glitter so I'm basically all over it. ;)

  2. This is a perfect gentle manifesto. I want to print it, put my name a the top, and post it in my studio to remind me of exactly what you've said here every day. Great job!

  3. Thank you so much seekingmeme!! That means so much!!

  4. Loving all that glitter!! So eye-catching :)


  5. Wow that is some serious glitter! Love the name trouble maker ;)

  6. First of all, I love your poem! Lovely! That's a super cute mani too! It's a really gorgeous purple. :)

  7. Love that glitter! So pretty - I think I have two or three in my stash that look like it.


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