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A Poetry Featurette: Written Reverie

November 19, 2013

I have some exciting news to share with you today! A website, has featured my writings and me in their poetry section!! One of the creators/writers of the website contacted me about a week ago asking if they could ask me a few questions and include some of my writings! I was in shock. What? ME?! MY WRITINGS?! Seriously? *okay, breathe Aishah, breathe* 

So, obviously I said YES! I went through with it, and they even asked me some questions. Along with three of their favorites, they included all 31 poems from October Poetry Writing Month as a collection! So go ahead and check it out for yourself!!

& a special thanks to my family and friends- the ones who always told me to keep writing. The ones who believe in not just my writing, but me. Thank you, I wouldn't be where I am without you all.

Thank you so much to the owners/writers over at 
Written Reverie for this amazing experience & opportunity!!!
I only hope to be published again and hopefully one day in their Photography section!


xo Aishah Ansari

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