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2013: A Look Back at a Wonderful Year

December 31, 2013

Instead of putting up a bunch of goals I have set for 2014, I want to share the things that I am so happy about that happened in 2013. Because honestly, this blog has come quite far over the past year, and I couldn't be more proud of dedicating time and effort to Sincerely Aishah. Because of that time and effort, ever since I started the blog back up it's received so much love! Thank you to those continue to come and read day after day, it really means a lot! 

 Over the year Sincerely Aishah,
-Received the Liebster Award
-was a part of Blog Everyday in May Challenge
- was a part of A Beautiful Mess's 30 Day Self-Portrait Challenge
-part of OctPoWriMo: October Poetry Writing Month
-Featured on Written Reverie
-Hit all time-highs with:
number of link-ups participated in,
 page views,
 post views, 
and number of comments!

With a blessed 2013 behind me, here's to a better, more successful, happier 2014! 

Of course for the new year I hope to bring my poetry and writing to this page. I hope to bring many, many, many more poems of course, and pick up outfit posts, make up, reviews, etc. as well.

 I have decided to keep photography separate. You can check out photography here. 

Wishing you a very bright, happy, colorful, loving new year!

xo Aishah Ansari

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