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Before You Cut Your Bangs: 5 Things to Think About: I Know I Did!

December 19, 2013

 I decided that I wanted a little bit of a different look, I'm getting pretty tired of my thick, side-swept bangs- but before taking the plunge for a different look {with my bangs} there were a few things I needed to consider. Here are things you {also} need to consider before cutting your bangs!

1. Hair type
2. Hair texture
3. Hair length
4. Hair condition
5. Face shape 

Then I asked myself:
"Aishah, How daring are you really when it comes to your hair?"

I have long, {really, really} thick hair. It's cut in choppy layers at the moment, and is very, very healthy. {I have so much hair, I can't do an updo! My hair too heavy! A hair stylist cannot even do a complete updo- that's how thick my hair is! But it is a blessing. I have a face that's round but a bit oval too...

So..after much web browsing on salon blogs, websites, and looking through numerous photos I decided on which type of bangs to get. {I hope I made the right decision}

Want to find out what I decided on?
Follow me on instagram I'm @sincerelyaishah to find out!
Come back later today, or tomorrow and see a before & after picture!


xo Aishah Ansari

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