Aishah Ansari

The Sleep Escape

December 6, 2013

Hi there! Sorry, it's been stressful and rough these past two weeks, but one thing I can always turn to: writing. 

So, here it is! 
Like my play on the title? 

The Sleep Escape
As my eyes slowly close
All I see is darkness
My breathing becomes steady,
My heart stops racing so fast,
But it’s still beating of course.
I am at peace.
I cannot hear anything,
Nor can I see anything,
But I can taste the sweet serenity.
To be able to drift off, into a world
where millions of thoughts are no longer running through my mind.
This darkness drowns my stress and worries,
I lean on this darkness as a distraction from reality.
When I am in this darkness, my life tends to not fall apart.
Many live in a dream world and some face reality,
But I turn one into the other.
At night, it is so easy to be alive and 
2 AM knows all my secrets.
The darkness I walk into is a place where it is safe to
slip, give up, fall down, and let go,
Until I wake up to face reality,
To face life.


xo Aishah Ansari

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