Aishah Ansari


December 30, 2013

Everything that has happened,
is finally hitting me
like a ton of bricks.
I feel like I can't come up for air,
But then I think, am I even trying?
Or am I just trying to avoid facing all that happens?
When I think about this, I want to scream.
When I think about that, I want to cry.
I am starting to feel all the emotions in between 
those cliche "happy and sad, the good and the bad"
In a way I am glad that this is all hitting me know rather than before,
because at times I feel like if this had hit me a month ago, I don't know if I would have been able to handle it the way I can today.
At the end of each day, 
I feel like giving up,
drained from the emotions that day has put me through,
drained from the obstacles brought back from the past.
But then I realize, I was just hit with another brick.
I feel like my life is crumbling down around me,
the walls are coming in closer and closer,
My life, all the memories, the challenges, the relationships, the hardships, 
it's all beginning to eat me alive,
but knowing myself,
I will survive. 

xo Aishah Ansari

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