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Zero is a Size.

February 10, 2014

Hi there! How are you? Today I wanted to discuss something that has been on my mind quite a bit. It's a serious subject. It's a touchy subject. But it's a subject I want to talk about. A month or so ago, I stumbled upon this article. Here is a brief summary:
One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush took a stand and  boycotted the store Urban Outfitters after they designed a t-shirt marked with the words "Eat Less".

This shirt is disgusting! How could someone even think twice about designing a shirt like this? It's things like this that causes self-esteem problems, eating disorders, and many issues. This is so tasteless and promotes not being healthy in my opinion.

I have heard and read on the web that she has always been a strong promoter of health eating and all body images for women. And I am all for that!  But here is where I have a problem- her wearing this shirt:

 Take a minute, let it sink in.
For some people it can be hard to lose weight, but what about the people who have difficulty gaining weight? Is it less of a concern because we are skinny? What if we feel we are too skinny and want to gain weight, but it's hard to?
 I feel that many times when this topic is discussed it focuses on accepting beautiful curvy women, which I can see is a bigger issue in society- that's why it's discussed.
But I personally wanted to discuss the other side of this topic- the skinny women.

 I am a size 0 and this struck a nerve with me the other day while at work when I had to do a try-on session for pants. It's just a bit harder for me to gain weight. Am I happy to be a size zero? Honestly, no. I would like to gain some weight, but I am not unhealthy. Yes, I am a bit underweight- but let me tell you something. I eat, snack- unhealthy food, healthy food. I eat. I do. But I am a size zero.

I do support and applaud Sophia Bush [and all the others] for boycotting [and standing up to] a store that promoted shirts encouraging [young girls] to eat less, I do not support her in her stance that zero is not a size, because I am a zero- and at the end of the day I try to make peace with that and how I look.
I try my best to understand the eating disorders people go through, or just the struggle they go through to lose weight because of what society and  media has brainwashed many into thinking that being skinny is being 'beautiful'. I don't like that media portrays skinny as 'perfect'
or the body image that every woman should strive for.
 It's not.
All sizes are beautiful.
Even a zero.
But please do remember, at the end of the day you are not a number.
You are a person. A beautiful one!

Can I not be unhappy that I am a size zero? 
Do my body image concerns not matter because I am skinny? 
That's what I think, and this is how society and social media has made me feel.

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

I am not picking a side. Just voicing my opinion.
**I apologize if I offended or made anyone upset by what I have written.
These are my personal thoughts and feelings.**

xo Aishah Ansari

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