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Review: Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo

March 12, 2014

Being brown {Indian} isn't always easy. Especially when you have thick dark hair. The hair I have on my head- I am so blessed to have, but my upper lip- not so much. I was getting tired of having to go to a salon and get threaded {almost} every. single. week. After a lot of researching online, reading reviews about facial hair removers, I decided to try out the Olay Facial Hair Remover Duo. I chose the Medium to Coarse Hair. The directions are pretty straight forward. Here's how I personally used the product for my upper lip & my thoughts on this product. Or skip down to "OVERALL"

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ONE. Remove all make up
TWO. Apply the Skin Guarding Balm to upper lip and in circular motion massage it lightly into your skin for 20-30 seconds. Make sure you coat all the hair.
THREE. Apply the Hair Removal Cream to upper lip area, but don't massage this in. I just applied it from the tube directly onto my upper lip. Be sure to apply a nice coat of this and make sure all the hair is covered with this cream! {I didn't apply enough of a thick layer}
FOUR. Set a timer. Really watch the timer when it's about to reach 6 minutes. 
You should see the hair look like it's been fried up. {This happened to me at actually past 6 minutes!} Yes, I felt a little tingle while this product was working it's magic. 
FIVE. Stretch skin, I personally pulled my cheek up and using a towel wipe away the Hair Removal Cream. I wiped it off in the two sections, and wiped the cream off upwards so it really got the hair.
And I was rough with the towel against my skin so that any hairs that were being 'fried off' were really taken off of my upper lip.

I noticed I still had some small hairs- but if I just gently rubbed with the towel, the hairs came off.  The box says not to exceed 10 minutes- but because of how thick my hair is- I took a risk and exceeded 10 minutes. Exceeding the 10 minutes did not irritate my skin & it actually worked, the hair is {mostly} gone! My upper lip was a little red after and I still had hair on the sides of my upper lip, because I didn't apply to cream thick enough. So all in all, I think it's a good product. And of course I will re-use this product for a second time and apply to cream properly to see its full effect.
But the ULTIMATE test is:
How long before I start to see hair grow back and need to get threaded/use this product again?

It was a great product! No irritation, all the hair was gone, didn't take long, the smell wasn't too bad either.
I personally did notice I still had a bit of a 'shadow'. Probably because I notice what other may not see on my face {I think that's with a lot of us females} So, I did like the product, but because it made me self-conscious in the sense that I had no hair on my upper lip but my upper lip was a bit dark and because I wear colored lip stains {review about my first one four to come!} I most probably will not be using this product again. BUT I do want to see how long it is before the hair grows back!

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I am also waiting for my Spring Facial Hair Remover to come in the mail. 
I bought this one because it was more for my money, and it's just not the name brand version {R.E.M}

Have you tried any awesome facial hair removers? 


*This is not a sponsored review and everything in this post is my personal and honest opinions/comments. Photos do not belong to me. 
xo Aishah Ansari


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    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, I honestly think with the type of upper lip hair I am best with waxing/threading. But it was nice to try to see if something else would work, but knowing myself I would not use this product again because of that 'shadow' but it does work. That's thing. I personally think individuals who are more fair than I in skin tone and have a lighter color of upper lip hair- this would be a good product for them!


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    1. Hi, I'm sorry I'm confused as to what your comment is referring to...

      "As much distance between the two of you"....?
      I don't follow....


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