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Beast Mode.

April 28, 2014

Play the video, it will go along with the first part of this post!

Well, good Monday morning to you!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I know I sure had a good one, but it was extremely busy and very, very, exhausting. And up ahead of me are 3 exhausting weeks. Why? Last round of tests and then finals. But it's okay 'Cause I'm in
Beast Mode.
Thanks Leeann

If missed my exciting news/announcement read this please, I'll wait. Are you back? Yeah, AHHHH!! I'm going to UT Austin! *squeals*  So much to do! While reading that did you see the awesome outfit I wore on Friday? Yep, definitely my new favorite outfit. I LOVED it. Didn't see it? It's okay, here you can go back! What do you think of it? 

Thanks for the linkup Heather!

My nails are the same as Friday, but still wanted to share them! 
I am wearing Tangerine Crush by L'Oreal {no top coat}
I tried to get artsy with my pictures. No edit or filters!
I am so happy for this semester to be over soon! I'm ready to move on and start fresh. This is a change I have been looking for.
Thanks for the link-up Molly!

Even though it's crazy busy with work, photography, and school. I am still able to find time to meet up with some people this week whom I haven't seen in forever. I cannot wait to have lunch with my former Geometry teacher from 10th grade, who then turned into {one of} my go-to people when I was stressed and going through difficult times. Turns out he is a ninja. Yes, it's true. Fine, don't believe me. I am also super excited to see my dear friend Patricia- whom I wrote this birthday poem for back in December. So much to catch up on!

Thanks Melissa!

Even though it's hectic, I still want to try at least three times a week. If I cannot do three, I will try my absolute best to blog at least twice a week. It helps me relieve a bit of that weird? Oh well.

Overall,and I have photos to edit from a birthday party I photographed at over the weekend! 
{I'm remembering more and more things I have to do} but I'm  just really excited of all the fun events I have coming up over the next few months.. and well excited for SUMMER! As well blog posts {reviews mostly}

I know I'm starting off my Monday Morning right. Are you?!
Thanks Molly & Carly

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*Title of post and reference to 'Beast Mode' is a song by B.O.B
*Video courtesy of video, I do not own the video!
xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Nice nails! I've never tried L'Oreal polish.

    1. Thank you!

      I actually have two and they are two of my favorite polishes. I have tangerine crush & also Eiffel for you, it's a gray with a hint of lavender. GORGEOUS! you can see that one here:

      thanks so much for stopping by!



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