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April 11, 2014

Well, happy Friday beautiful! Ok, so I am super-duper excited to be part of THREE link-ups today.  
Can you recommend other Friday link-ups? Or link-ups for other days of the week? 

ONE. The outfit I wore yesterday which was ridiculously casual for me. If you know me, or follow me on instagram, you now that I usually dress up more than 'normal'. So this is not my 'Fancy Friday' outfit, but my outfit from yesterday which I really liked because it was so comfortable and laid back. 
Yesterday's hot weather called for a long t-shirt on skinnies
with a pair of converses. & of course over-sized shades.
The T-shirt says "Invisible Children"
{learn about Invisible Children here}

TWO. This week has been so crazy busy. April-May for school is just  go! go! go! I feel like there is not break! And I really feel like I need one! Even though this week was super crazy busy. I have been feeling good about myself and life in general. Which is a great thing! Things are just going really well right now & I'm happy :) Yesterday, was National Siblings Day and honestly, without my siblings I don't know where I would be. I am where I am today because of them. So Amber Baaji & Bhaiyya- I love you guys so much and am so blessed to have such awesome, loving, and goofy older siblings. I can't imagine having a better elder brother or sister.

Top row left to right: Wedding/Kid Cudi Concert, Another Wedding
Middle left to right: Austin & Grand Canyon
Bottom row left to right: me & sister @ a Rocket's game, my brother being goofy, sister's selfie, priceless picture of me and my brother.

THREE. Well it is Friday so here is today's 'Fancy Friday' Outfit! I don't know why but I always like to dress up a bit on Fridays. I guess it's because I am just so happy that the weekend is here!!

Today's Fancy Friday:
Indigo blouse on skinny jeans from New York & Company
Gorgeous & Perfect silver, gray, metalic, and textured balls statement necklace from New York & Company
Gray Rose design & jeweled flats- Ross
Fuschia Lipstain- Sephora
Mint Shades- Charming Charlie

FOUR. Oh, photography, how I have missed you so!!  I am both excited and nervous- to be photographing a one-year old's birthday party this weekend! I know it'll be challenging because of all the little kids, but I really hope to learn and grow from this experience while still having fun! I can't wait! I am so lucky and blessed to have received this opportunity! 

FIVE. So, clearly a lot of mint going on yesterday, so here are my nails! First let me tell you that I had been on the hunt for Essie- hors d'oeuvres. Everywhere I went, they were always sold out. So, I tried amazon- and it was actually $3 cheaper! Win-Win! This is a gorgeous accent though! See for yourself!

Essie in hors d'oeuvres and New York & Company Polish in Mint Leaf
{outdoor shot}
The mint was just two quick coats I didn''t really need to let it dry and then re-apply another coat for the color to stay. & it dries fast! Who knew New York & Company nail polish was good quality?!
For the glitz and glam, Essie in hors d'oeuvres as an accent!
 Normally when I does a fully nail of glitter I usually put a base color but for this one I didn't have to. This essie glitter is amazing. It's not chunky but not too runny either. It goes on well and piles up nicely without being all gooepy. it was really easy to get the 'foiled' look I was going for! The glitter is mixed with silver and gold! It's a really nice silver with  small gold flecks. It's actually almost half and half..But I personally think it has more silver with pops of gold.
#100happydays DAY 11! Follow all my happy days on instagram @sincerelyaishah

Have a fabulous weekend! 

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Oooh, I love the mint and silver polishes together!! Great combo! Good luck with your photography this weekend :)

    aka Bailey

    1. Hey Bailey! Oh, thank you! The silver glitter actually has flecks of gold in it too! It's SO pretty. I'll have to get a better picture of it so you can see!

      Thank you, I appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend!

      Sincerely, Aishah

  2. What a gorgeous family you have! I'm an only child so Siblings Day didn't really register with me - kept wondering why there were so many pictures/articles online about brothers and sisters:-)

    I've yet to find a mint polish I really like, but your combo looks great!

    1. Aww, thank you! you're so sweet!

      I have a huge family to top it off cousins and aunts, uncles, etc. So i have no clue what it's like to be an only child!

      Really? Try New York & Company (it's 2 for $6) Also, sally hansen has a nice one and so does Essie. Essie actually has a few. I like this one because it's not like...toothpaste mint green, it a has just the tiniest bit of blue which personally for me, makes it perfect!

      Sincerely, Aishah

  3. Thanks for linking up! I'm loving this warm weather too, and mint is the perfect color for it.

    Kristin :)

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up!

      Idk if i'm loving it- it's pretty HOT! It sure seems to be & coral!

      Sincerely, Aishah

  4. Pretty polish. I like that blue shirt combo too. I would love to be a photographer. I just do it for fun & don't think I'm all that great at it. But my daughter went to a Daddy/Daughter dance recently & I was looking through all of the pictures online & I thought, that would be so much fun to photograph all the girls. I've been using Pink Armor nail gel lately & I really like it.

    1. Hey Kimberly! Thank you & thank you!

      I started when I was in 10th grade by taking a course at school and I never looked back. It's my passion, hobby, and outlet. It is tiring no doubt... But I get my peak season times, and then it dies down. Practice, practice, practice. 4 years later I still have SO MUCH to learn!

      Use that as a stepping stone! It's fun to come up with poses and such. It is very time consuming though!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Sincerely, Aishah

  5. What a pretty mint shade! I haven't tried that brand, but good to know its good quality! :)

    1. Thanks!

      It's from the retail clothing store- New York & Company..
      Forever 21's love & beauty line is even better than this one!

  6. Loving the mint and sparkle combo! Can you ever go wrong with that? Hint: the answer is a resounding NO! Haha!


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