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April 25, 2014


ONE. I am so, so, so, so, soooo blessed! I recently got accepted into {drum roll please....}
The University of Texas at Austin! HOOK ‘EM! \m/ 
I could not have done this without the support of my family, especially my brother and sister, and the help of my cousin! My entire family and my dearest friends, your thoughts prayers, and keeping your fingers crossed definitely helped! I am psyched, nervous, happy, jittery, some all at once! God is so good! Always, but sometimes I can lose sight of that… Or just forget that HE always knows best and always has something bigger and better planned :) AHHHH!! I am still so happy!!

TWO. This weekend is gonna be super-duper busy. Tomorrow I’ll be going to my former high school to be on an interview panel for medical science internships. But it will be nice to see some familiar faces! It’ll be a really early morning, and long day- but I’m looking forward to it {and my outfit!} Then at night I get to photograph a one year old’s birthday party! {yes, again} But I’m excited for this one because it’s not in a fancy hall, it’s a bit more simple, so definitely a different setting and different experience. I cannot wait!

THREE. Now for nails. So, I decided to paint my nails orange. Shocked?! I had actually added a glitter topcoat by ULTA in Diva, but it turned the nail polish a shiny coral {but not in a pretty way} So, I took it off and painted my nails..again. But it was worth it!

I am wearing Tangerine Crush by L'Oreal. I really love this shade, because has a glossy finish.
It looks like I put on a topcoat, but I didn't.

I had so much fun taking these photos with these pretty daisies I have in a vase in my room!
I have had them for over a week! These photos are natural-no edit! And I took them at night!

On my toes I'm wearing Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Plum's the Word.

FOUR. It’s my FANCY FRIDAY! So, here is my outfit, I opted for this in case I have to go into work, so I don’t have to change. It also gave me a chance to wear new shoes, jewelry, and new clothes! What more could I ask for?! Enjoy!

What I'm Wearing:
Black T-shirt
Black Cardigan- New York & Company
Printed banded ankle pants- Forever 21
Mint green  & gold flower necklace- Forever 21
Fioni Havoc Shootie Sling Shoe in black- Payless
Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Minka Handbag
Gold Watch- Charming Charlie
Bracelets: James Avery charm bracelet & New York and Company bracelets
Make up: Smashbox BB Cream, e.l.f. blush in Twinkle Pink, Light gold eye-shadow with Maybelline EyeStudio Master Precise Ink Pen, and Infinite Rose lipstain by Sephora

FIVE. I might be MIA for a while because of the last round of tests at school and then finals, and I really have to finish this semester off strong, being a future Longhorn puts a little more pressure. Okay, not exactly, I put the pressure on myself- but you get the point, right? It’s okay though, I feel like I got this. Ya know? But I shall be here as much as possible and of course you can always follow me on twitter & Instagram I’m @sincerelyaishah

Have a lovely weekend!

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Congrats on your acceptance!!!! WHOOOOP! And those Forever21 pants in your last photos - I'm obsessed with them. I saw another blogger wearing them in a blog post just yesterday and now I'm seeing them on you - it's settled. I need them!!!

    aka Bailey

    1. Thanks Bailey! I AM SO EXCITED! & YES YOU DO NEED THEM! They were only...$14 or $15!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. Stopping by from the link up! I love those pants! So cute on you. Congrats on your acceptance, what a great accomplishment!

    1. which link up?! lol, I had three. haha.

      Thank you! It was a daring outfit for me, but I LOVED it and now I'm settled on getting more of them in different styles!

      Thank you again! I appreciate it :)


  3. Woot woot!! Congrats on your acceptance! That's awesome!!! I hope that your photo gig went well! And that orange…MAN, does it ever look good on you! Gah! I'm so jealous! Orange is one of those colours that makes my skin look all weird. Haha! And it really is the worst when you think a layer of glitter will be awesome but then it ruins everything. Thank goodness for remover, eh? Haha!

    1. Thank you Jennie!! It went really well thanks :)

      Really you think?! Thanks! I can't pull off yellow that well unfortunately!
      Yepp, gotta love nail polish remover! I guess glitter doesn't always make everything better!

  4. Congrats on your acceptance! Also, those pants look incredibly comfy.


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