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Confessions: Wednesday Worries

May 7, 2014

I know it's late to write a post for Wednesday. But there is just so much to say so I might as well! I know Wednesday is also known as Wednesday Hump Day/Confession. I guess this goes a bit a long with that. 

This week I have been so worried, stressed, and overwhelmed that my outfits have been graphic tees and skinny jeans, with my TOMS. Did you just gasp? I know, it's scary. It's so bad that this happened:
Guy Friend : "Man, you look like you didn't get any sleep last night". 
I glared at him
His friend: *hits him* "You don't say that someone, especially a girl!"
Guy Friend: "Really?"
Me: "You basically just said I look like crap."
Guy Friend: "No, no!! Aishah you're beautiful!"
Me: Shut up.
I confess I haven't been even trying the slightest bit to put in an effort in what I'm wearing. I also confess that I am breaking out. like crazy.

Anyway, I am just so overwhelmed with everything going on right now. I took my last test for one of my classes today. My final exams are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 
I confess I not too worried about them. 

After my test today I had to make sure a matter at school was taken care of so I can take my exams and well that was just a headache and I was afraid I would have to take all my finals in one day. But thank God that got worked out. 
I confess, I may have gotten too worried over nothing with this. 

Then I went to the lovely dentist to get my filling fixed....again. Yep, this was the THIRD time I had to get a filling fixed by these people. Same tooth and everything, but went to a different dentist in the office I had an appointment for 12:15 after about 45 minutes the dentist decided to just re-do the filling...for the second time.  He had a scheduled appointment so I had to wait. Then, I was finally able to proceed with my appointment but, there went 3 and 1/2 hours of my day. 
I confess that during my waiting time I sat in my car and cried. No, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was so darn frustrated.

I was so hungry when I got home but couldn't eat because I was all numb and I just cried...again. My sister held me, and told me that yeah, it was a lot I was dealing with and it was just a stressful day. 
I confess, sometimes crying it out makes me feel better.

To top all of this off I still haven't found an apartment. 
I confess I am so worried that I won't be able to find an apartment in the area I want that's in my budget. 

I confess that I know some of these things I am worrying about are out of my hands, but I can't help it.  

 I sure do hope tomorrow is better!


xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Hey, it's finals week! You have a right to dress in garbage bags if you wanted to!!! And I'm sure once finals are done, your face should calm down...stay strong girl!! I know how it is when the break outs start. I cry anytime I get too hungry...I also grow fangs and hair all over and growl at any one who says anything that's not "I have food for you" no worries lol. I'm sending you happy thoughts for the rest of this week and next week, and good luck with the apartment hunting/ finals.

    1. LOL, thank you Vera!

      I sure do hope it does! Thank girl, I am trying! Almost thee. Is it a coincidence that in one of my classes today {it was the last day of class} the teacher handed out fake 1 million dollar bills, and said something along the lines of 'along with all the craziness that is life, and finals, and family, and work, etc. don't forget your are always worth a million bucks' In my head I was thinking, she totally saw my blog post yesterday. HAHA.

      LOL. I actually don't eat when I'm stressed out!

      Thank you Vera, this is made my morning!



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