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Five on Friday + Fancy Friday Outfit + Leopard Print Nails

May 30, 2014

Hey there! I am soooo sorry for being such a terrible blogger as of late. Forgive me? Yes? Thank you, I love you too!

ONE. Super fun and busy weekend packed with a medical school graduation, party, tons of family fun, and a wedding, plus work! Busy, busy- but fun!

TWO. I did my nails after quite sometime. 

I really wish I recorded a how-to video for this nail art. 
Here's what I did and what I used:
{image via}
First, file/cut/shape your nails. 
Second, apply a coat of Gelous 
Third, apply a thin layer of your nail polish color
Fourth, apply another layer of Gelous
Then, finish applying your colored nail polish
Add one more coat of Gelous 
Finally, finish with a top coat {I used Seche Vite}
Be sure to allow plenty of time to dry!
The color I am wearing is Eiffel for your by L'Oreal

{image via}
{also seen here}
For my accent nail, I decided to try something different. 
First, apply your base color 
I used three coats of Nonfat Soy Half Caff by Sephora OPI
{image via}

Next, with a medium sized dotting tool use a gold or brown shade of polish and create irregular 'dots' More like a 'C' shape, or irregular blobs. 
I used Golden-I by Sally Hansen XTreme Wear
{image via}

With a thinner dotting tool, go around your irregulars dots with black making a 'C' shape, but don't do it entirely, do it on two sides, or one. 
Add your gelous/top coat and voilĂ !!

Here I used Black Out by SallyHansen XTreme Wear
{image via}
{please excuse the dent, I accidentally messed up the nail!}

Exciting right?! 
What do you think?!

THREE. Today's Fancy Friday outfit is:
A soft red dress full of lace flowers from Forever 21, with a short black cardigan on fitted black slacks.
 Fioni Night black strappy, glittered heels from Payless.
I completed this look with simple silver "diamond-looking" earrings and ring. And my James Avery charm bracelet. For make up: Make up: Smashbox BB Cream, e.l.f. blush in Candid Coral,  Black liquid liner by e.l.f. and Infinite Rose lipstain by the Sephora Collection 

FOUR. I am super excited for the upcoming week, lots of fun stuff happening! Including a Backstreet Boys concert featuring Avril Lavigne. & you won't believe how much I got my ticket for! Twenty bucks! Yepp, thank you Groupon! Speaking of twenty bucks- I got this awesome Guess wallet with tax for twenty-one dollars at Macy's!
Seriously, how cute?!
{image via}
I have been looking for a wallet for a while now, {once you go to a big wallet, you can't go back} so this was a steal and it's so cute! I love the gray-lavender color and the studs made it 10x cuter!

FIVE. I have so many books I want to read this summer, but first I must finish the Harry Potter series. I know, I know I am like six years late- at least I am reading them! Next on my list is The Fault in Our Stars, 2 States, and few more. Do you have any book suggestions?

Glad to be writing again!
Have a wonderful weekend, please leave your thoughts below!

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xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Yesss, I LOVE leopard nails!! Great accent choice :)

    aka Bailey

  2. Woot! LEOPARD! LOVE! And it reminds me that it's been a while since I've rocked that look. It may be time to make that happens, now. Ha!
    As per your TBR pile, make sure you've got about seven boxes of tissue ready before you start The Fault in Our Stars. I swear that I've never cried so much while reading. Seriously. But for all of the best reasons, so it's worth the exhaustion. ;)


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