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2014 Summer Vacation Adventures

June 13, 2014

Hey guys! So sorry for being MIA for over a week. I have just been having literally, The time of my life over in CO. So my 5 on Friday {and some} are the amazing things we have done! {by we I mean #aishahandthejaffris} Enjoy!

{day} one. 
Our first day here we were rained in. There isn't much to if it's raining, can't do any of the outdoor activities. So, we made the best of the situation, hung out at a Starbucks for a bit then decided to hit up the movies. We went to see Maleficent! holy crap. May I PLEASE have wings? And Angelina Jolie's Cheek Bones? The lipstick she wore during that movie? Yes, okay thanks. We went to a Cantina for dinner...let me put it this way- Texas spoils me when it come to selection, taste, and quality of food. We just hung out the rest of the day and planned for the next! 

{day} two. 
Waterfall at Fish Creek Park + Steamboat Lake Boating
On Monday we went to Fish Creek Park to see a gorgeous waterfall. I also got a peak at my supposed 5  mile hike for the next day. Then, I got to...wait for it...DRIVE A BOAT. Yep. It was so awesome. We rented a 22 boat- and took it out on Steamboat Lake, I had so much fun! Ah, it was a blast! The view from where were was breathtaking. Pictures do not capture the beauty of this place. 

{day} three. 
12 mile hike through Fish Creek Park
Woke up at 8 a.m. with my cousin and my nephew and headed off to Fish Creek Park for a 5 mile hike...Or so I was told. At the beginning because the increasing elevation I was having to say "I need to rest"//"I need to catch my breath" about every two minutes. No joke. Before I knew it, I told my cousin that I didn't think I could go much further. We decided to find a shaded area and eat and rest for a bit. Here an itty-bitty squirrel came up to us and I couldn't resist feeding him/her. We made a little friend. Then, I had my energy and ten minutes later we were at the top of the waterfall! {Well as far as you could, we couldn't get to the actual lake because it's still iced over} The hike back down was serious a piece of cake. Didn't have to stop once! That night my cousin gave me the says 6 miles one way. #stopthelying #howdididothat #soproudofmyself. Yep, we did 12 miles in a little less than 3 and half hours. I was in so much pain. 

{day} four. 
Horseback Riding
My horse's name was Cinnamon- she was so pretty and has bangs-like me! Haha. The trail we took, again had a beautiful scenery and it the weather was perfect too! The only problem I had was that Cinnamon started running at the end and I freaked. Yep, I didn't know how to stop her! I'm a Texas gal and I had never been horseback riding. Crazy, right? Well, now I can scratch that off my list! {Sitting on a horse one day after a 12 mile hike, didn't help my pain} We had a fancy night. Dinner at an Italian restaurant, and then we headed to Harwig's. We had their Crème brûlée, Ginger ice cream along with cappuccinos. so good.

{day} five.
Mountain Sliding + Shopping
I was told we were going on a gigantic slide. I seriously pictured a huge playground slide...and thought "are you kidding me?" I was so wrong. It was actually an Alpine Slide. I enjoyed scenic views of downtown Steamboat Springs as I rode a chairlift to the top of historic Howelsen Hill. Then using a sled provided at the top of the lift, I was in control of my exhilarating ride as I wound down a 2,400 foot track through the bends and curves of the natural landscape of beautiful Howelsen Hill. {information via} Unfortunately, I don't have a picture- but I do have a video of me going down the track! It was so much fun I went twice. Afterwards #aishahandthejaffris hit up Steamboat Springs Downtown...which is literally one street. But I did a ton of shopping! I found a burnt orange fedora for UT! Super cute magnets, coffee mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, and so much more! And of course I bought gifts for my family! I could seriously shop again. 

{days one-five}
Each day after our outing, we would come back to our condo, change and hit the pool//hot tub. amazing. It's so relaxing and feels great! We would also hit up the condo clubhouse and play pool {I have to use a little kids pool cue stick, but hey it makes me play better}. Days and nights have been spent watching movies like American Hustle and 21 Jump Street. As well as playing games like Monopoly and Taboo.

Sadly, tonight is my last night here in CO. But it has been an amazing, beautiful, fun-packed, unforgettable experience. I am indeed blessed. 
To see a lot of amazing pictures from this trip follow me on instragram & twitter I'm @sincerelyaishah or you can visit my photography page


xo Aishah Ansari

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