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Monday:Rambles of My New Life

September 22, 2014

Hi there neglected blog, I have missed you. Let's get right to it. In the past month and a half...A LOT has changed. My life, responsibilities, surroundings, attitude, and my basic day. I find that I have a ton of free time on my hands, yet there aren't enough hours in a day. It's hard being in a city where you're new but you know so many people. You're probably reading this and are a bit confused. The start at a prestigious and huge university is intimidating and wonderful all at the same time. Exploring and finding new places is fun, but a little scary too...especially when you get lost so often--but that can be part of the fun as well. 

I am really hoping that over the next few months I am able to develop more of a social life. It's hard being a transfer and knowing people. The thing is the people I know already have their own lives, including social. In addition, I want to get back to doing photography- even if it's just for fun. I hope to start doing my usual outfit, nail, and make up posts, All of course along with my usual ramblings!

Happy Monday!

xo Aishah Ansari

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