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DIY: Easy Maleficent Horns

October 29, 2014

Maleficent costumes are one of the most popular this Halloween season. I'm one of those who wasn't willing to spend $40 for the dress, $20 for the horns, and so on. So, I here's how I made Maleficent horns that will probably cost you less than $10, because changes are you have half the items already in your home, if not all! This is really easy, trust me-- if I can do it there is no doubt that you can!
 Let's get started

Supplies: Aluminium Foil, yarn or twine rope, thick headband, 
black electrical tape, hot glue gun, and scissors
Step 1: Shape your horn to your liking in size and shape with the foil. 
Make sure the bottom is flattened out, this will make it easier when mounting it onto the headband.
Here's what both of mine looked like. You can follow online pictures as well. 
Step 2: Put a little bit of hot glue on the tip of the foil, now using your yarn wrap it around your horn, make sure it's nice and tight. Glue and wrap until the entire horn is wrapped in the yarn.
Step 3: Take the black electrical tape and wrap it around your horn. Again, make sure it's tight and try not leave any gaps. I chose black electrical tape because it's shiny. You'll see that the yarn forms ridges in the horn after it's covered tightly with the electrical tape. This is the 'textured' look we're going for.

Step 4: Using the black electrical tape, cover your headband. Wrap it in the same manner as you did the horns. make sure it's tight. This will give the same 'glossy' look to your headband as it did the horns. 
Step 5: Using hot glue and electrical tape, mount your horns onto the headband. First using hot glue or even super glue place your horns onto the headband. If you notice a gap, fill it with glue. Then, take the black tape and stick half onto the horn and half into the crease. Add 3-4 pieces to each horn. Make sure the horn is nicely standing. {This was the trickiest part for me!}

Now, get the rest of your costume ready! I'll just be wearing a long black dress and boots, and of course doing my makeup to make it look like I have amazing cheek bones. Don't forget the amazing red lips! If you want to see what mine looks like all put together, follow me on instagram or twitter I'm @sincerelyaishah 
Please let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below!

xo Aishah Ansari


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