Aishah Ansari

Magical Faith

October 25, 2014

Magical Faith
I don't believe in magic,
the kind you see in shows or movies
or read about in books.
Spells, and such. 
but signs, I know I get that much.
They may not be signs, but it's my hunch.
I really do believe it's God.
So for me, it's the magic of
faith, belief, strength, and knowing 
that the Almighty is always watching over.
I truly believe faith is 
fascinating, magical.
And something that can never be taken away
because belief in faith is irresistible to me.


Prompt: Believing in magic,
Word Prompts: Fascinating, Captivating, 
Enchanting, Magnetic, Irrestible
xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Amen! I share your views, and am proud that you voice them so wonderfully.

  2. Our faith does have something magical. Thank you for putting it beautifully (:


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