Aishah Ansari

Making my Mark

October 21, 2014

Making my Mark
The fingerprints are in your hand,
as you reminded me to not give up.
Don't let go, okay?
The prints left by my hands
are still on your back,
us in an embrace.
Hug me for a while longer, okay?
My footprints are behind me as I 
move forward on this journey,
Follow me, okay?
My prints, whether it be my fingers, hands, or feet
are not like anyone else's.
But they are left,
just like anyone else's
everywhere I walk,
everything I touch,
everything I feel.
My prints can never be erased,
because no one can erase me
or my life.
I have and I will make my mark,

#OctPoWriMo Day 21
Prompt: Fingerprints, Hand-prints, Footprints

xo Aishah Ansari


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