Aishah Ansari

Pen the Unwritten

October 23, 2014

I will admit that the past two days, the prompts seem to mirror things I am currently going through.
Coincidence? I think not. A sign? Most definitely. 

Pen the Unwritten
I have been penning my life,
day and night.
Unfortunately this chapter I wrote myself
ended sooner than it should have,
and quite differently.
I must gain the strength accept 
this unhappy ending.
But it is not the ending of my life.
Just this one chapter, because
What has happened-happened.
What's been done- is done.
It it time to move on.
I will try to write what I want to happen,
and I will, so hard that the ink bleeds through the pages,
 my tears spill on to the page,
my smile brightens my chapter,
and that I gain a sense of direction.
But right now, 
I cannot begin to write my life just yet,
I need to let life guide me first.
I don't know what the next chapter of my life hold.
But what I do know, 
is from where I stand God has already written my life,
but from my point of view
is it unwritten...for now.


#OctPoWriMo Day 23
Prompt: Another Chapter Begins
Turn the page….
And then there was….
I begin again….
And then there was….
Now it is time to write….

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. Ah, Aishah...your words are always so wonderful. Be patient in dealing with whatever adversities you are facing. You'll find your way.

    1. Ah, Rod your works are always too kind.

      I am trying to be patient- it can be frustrating though. I hope I do...


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