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My Real World Experience: Mattress Firm

September 6, 2015

Hey folks, I know it's been a while. But I have a legit excuse. I was interning all summer with Mattress Firm in a Sales Management program and I want to share my experience with you! This was a summer long internship. The first 6 weeks I was in training, I received the same exact training that managers in stores do. It was intense, there were two other interns in my area, Kari and Gabby from Indiana. And our intern coordinator taught us the buying process, how to use the computer systems, and even product knowledge {Never did I think I would know so much about mattresses!} After the first 6 weeks, I had commissions test with my District manager. Following that I attended a 3-day 'Ground School' as they call it and received my first pair of 'Wings'







Then, I was able to make commission off of my sales. I rotated between different stores. Fourth of July was the first weekend I was on commission and I sold a...TEMPUR GRAND CLOUD. The most expensive mattress anyone can ever sell. It was pretty awesome. I personally feel I did really throughout the internship. Aside from sales, I also did a Competitive Sales Analysis, so shopping the competition basically. A community service project, my district volunteered at the Beacon. We also did a video project, where I wrote a parody to Blank Space. As goofy as the video is, it was a lot of fun making it. I also had the privilege of interviewing two of the most talented people in the marketing department at Mattress Firm, Corporate. I learned so much, and it was reassuring knowing I am heading in the right direction. There were a lot of fun events too, fun in the sun, where are all the interns and inter coordinators went on a boat out to lake conroe, and a TON of farewell lunches and dinners.



Did I mention I met one of the Mattress Firm's founders, PAUL STORK on my LAST day?!

This experience was a once-in-a lifetime experience because I got to see what's it like working in a corporate world. I don't drink, so attending events where that's the main thing, meeting new people, trying to fit in, making sure you fit in. It's all part of self-growth, and this summer I definitely grew a lot as a person. I am more confident, motivated, and stronger.

xo Aishah Ansari

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