Aishah Ansari

Asked and Answered

October 26, 2015

Asked and Answered
These past few days have been full of insight, tears, pain, confusion, and answers to questions.
Sometimes people come into our lives so soon, only to be gone in a heartbeat.
Questions that didn't even cross my mind, I am now glad I was asked.
Heartbeat that I have, no longer beats for you.
You see, thanks to prayer I have found my answers,
for it was not meant to be.
Answers were given to me, even when I didn't ask.
Be it today or tomorrow, I will be myself again, 
Ask me later and I know I will answer that I am
more than okay, 
and stronger than before, 
more confident than before, 
and more determined than before.

Day 26 of #OctPoWriMo
Loop Poetry

xo Aishah Ansari


  1. It's clear there is so much more to this story. Thanks for giving us a glimpse.

    1. So much more! I am glad you were able to see that! It was my absolute pleasure



    welcome and join our short story slam week 31 today.


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