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Believe, It's All You Need

October 4, 2015

Believe, It's all You Need
Because of the flick of my wrist I am able to write.
I am able to write this poem,
Because of the flick of my wrist I was able to sign my name,
I was able to sign my name when I withdrew from a university.
Because of withdrawing from that university,
I was then able to use the flick of my wrist to apply elsewhere.
Because of applying elsewhere
I was able to accept with the flick of my wrist to the UH, Bauer College of Business
Because of accepting UH Bauer College of Business
I am receiving an amazing education.
Because of this education
I am in the American Marketing Association as the Director of Communications.
Because of the American Marketing Association
I was able to get a summer internship.
Because of the summer internship,
I have experience.
Because of this experience
I am a Bauer Ambassador.
Because I am a Bauer Ambassador,
I have a fall internship.
Because of this fall internship
I am stronger candidate for other positions.
All because it began with the flick of my wrist,
I am happy.
I am strong.
I am successful.
This is just the beginning.
I don’t know if it’s magic,
But I do know it’s because I believe.
And sometimes, that all you need.

My UH AMA Director of Communications Officer Picture

Day 4 of #OctPoWriMo
Prompt: Magic/with a flick of the wrist


xo Aishah Ansari


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