Aishah Ansari

Clouds in the Light

October 1, 2015

If you've followed my blog before, then you know I love writing poetry and will accept a challenge every now and then. My absolute favorite- {and because I love it so much I don't look at it as a challenge}- is October Poetry Writing Month. 
31 poems in 31 days. 
31 different prompts, formats, styles, 
31 days of reading writing from all over the world, and most importantly 
 31 days of creativity. 
So here is Day 1 of #OctPoWriMo
Prompt: Clouds

Clouds in the Light
They say the sky is the limit,
But think about it for a minute.
Those white clouds in a bright blue sky that give kids an imagination,
Without having to give an explanation.
They are what make up the sky,
But when it rains we see the sky with a different eye.
Those gray lingering clouds in a gloomy dark sky that make me sigh,
Without a doubt, this when I ask why,
If we shoot for the stars that blanket the sky at night,
Why don’t we hope to float with the clouds when there is light?
©Aishah Ansari Photography
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2014

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xo Aishah Ansari


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