Aishah Ansari

Volume III

October 31, 2015

Volume  III
This has been my third year doing the #OctPoWriMo challenge,
When it comes to an end, it is bittersweet.
I like being able to find a balance,
somewhere down this street.
I am able to find my inner voice,
the one I sometimes forget I have.
It reminds me to make the right choice.
Something that not everyone has.
It tells me to dream big,
wipe my tears, face my fears
Which is exactly what I did
year after year.
Through this journey I find joy,
and a sense of accomplishment.
Writing my emotions I really do enjoy,
and I thank you all for every compliment.
It may have been a bumpy ride,
but we must all understand that life is one big obstacle,
and I have the Almighty on my side,
and believe me getting through it, and enjoying life is possible.
So, thank you for reminding me that writing makes me free,
and with that, this is the end of my volume three.

Steamboat Springs, CO

Day 31 of #OctPoWriMo
Prompt: OctPoWriMoJourney

xo Aishah Ansari

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