Aishah Ansari

Whits no Quits

October 16, 2015

Today, I'm motivated, happy, blessed, and focused. I feel good about myself and life. So I had a little fun with today's writing, it's a little quirky, may not make sense, but that's me and my life, so enjoy and thanks for reading!

Whits no Quits
I won't lie,
Today's format has me a little stumped.
But for some reason I am pumped.
So here it is, raw and pure
which I'm sure you'll appreciate for sure.
This challenge I am faced with is only one of many
Small or large, they come in sizes of any
People or situations, they come up in types of many.
I want to go higher,
That's what lights my fire.
For I have understood,
something I never could
my passion is life 
and I am on a high.
I am trying to make this poem rhyme,
But I wanted to write this right away
and I gotta admit I'm no Jay-Z or Kanye.
But let me get serious for just a bit,
I am be quirky have some whit,
No matter the struggles, I will not quit.
For I am determined, more than ever before,
To be better and go further even more.

What's more fitting then a Jay-Z concert ticket picture?, nothing!

Day 16 of #OctPoWriMo
I chose to free-write


xo Aishah Ansari

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